Lease Extensions

Lease extensions – helping you to secure the long-term value of your property.

We have been working with our leasehold property-owning clients for many years, helping and advising leaseholders needing lease extensions to complete matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Extensions and the process around them can often be quite challenging and, if not done accurately, can lead to issues which may leave the freeholder unwilling to cooperate with the request and the matter unresolved. With our experienced team here to take you through the transaction from beginning to end, we will ensure you don’t feel daunted or confused about the process.

We recommend to all Leaseholders that if their lease has 80 years or less left to run, then action is taken now to get the wheels in motion and begin the extension process.

Our team can help you to decide whether a formal or informal route is best, help prepare all required documentation and point you in the direction of a surveyor who can ascertain the premium payable. We will also serve the Section 42 Notice on your behalf and respond to any questions the Freeholder may have. We aim to make the process as smooth and as uncomplicated as possible.

To speak to us about lease extensions for residential or commercial properties, contact us on 0191 488 6080 or email