Trusts and Taxes

Trusts and Taxes – You can trust us with your future wishes.

Our specialist Trusts and Taxes team can provide you with the reliable advice you need to help manage and protect your assets.

A trust is a way that you can manage your hard-earned assets, including land, property and money, ensuring that your family and those you love will benefit in the future.

A trust will help you to:

  • Control and protect your family assets
  • Preserve assets for the next generation
  • Protect the interest of a person who is too young to handle their own affairs
  • Safeguard the affairs of a person due to being incapacitated
  • Pass on assets while you’re still alive
  • Pass on assets when you die, ensuring that the people you want to benefit, benefit in the way you intended.

We can also offer advice to help you reduce inheritance tax payments and protect assets from any creditors.

We understand that all our clients are different, and we will work closely with you to understand your requirements and desired outcomes.

For confidential, bespoke advice about Trusts and Taxes, contact us today on 0191 488 6080 or email 

Whilst you’re planning for the future, we can also provide help and advice in relation to Lasting Powers of Attorney and making a Will